March 2023

31 March

March 2023

Welcome to this month's summary of our latest product improvements. We've streamed over 100 hours of live events in March with plenty of platform improvements happening too. Here are the highlights. 

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We've reached our limit..with content metering

Convert engaged visitors with metered access controls.

Guest, Account, Subscription... our access controls are as old as the hills. Well, this month they're getting some exciting new functionalilty.

Metering is a new feature to reduce bounce rates caused by sign-up roadblocks. When a piece of content is set to have Account access, the sign-up form appears the first time a visitor tries to view it. Metering allows you to make a certain amount of content visible publicly before the sign-up box is triggered. This improves the user experience and drives conversions when website visitors are more engaged.

It's similar to how paywalls work on online newspapers. You can set criteria for how many pieces of content can be viewed over a certain timeframe before account creation is required. Go to Settings > Publishing > Metering to explore. Metering settings only apply to content with Account access.  

When the metered limit is reached a call-to-action is displayed. This message can be fully customised with an HTML editor to make the sign-up benefits really jump out from the page.   

New event metaimages are here!

You can now add your own.

Sharing event pages on social have left us feeling a little flat. Because of how social media platforms pull metadata (especially Linkedin) the event featured image has been used by default and can make the post look a bit empty.

That changes today! A new console within an Event > Pages > Event Metadata allows configuration of how your event is displayed on social posts. Upload a dedicated metaimage that give social networks a better impression of what your event's about. (Note: Keep your eyes peeled for our plans to automate the creation of these images in the future).  

Title and description can be set here too. You can also set a default tweet text with hashtags and mentions for those who want to post to Twitter.

Used in combination with our recent attendee referrals feature this is a big improvement to how your events look on the socials.

Attendee's own profile now shows in networking

An answer to the question "Where am I?".

What's the first thing you do when you join a video call? Chances are it's to look at yourself on camera. You're not alone. Many of you using our networking function have told us the first thing your attendees want to do is find their profile. Your own user profile doesn't appear in search results (it's the equivalent of talking to yourself) but we get that people want to check themselves out.

Now when you access the networking page, your profile is displayed on the right hand side of the networking page. From here, they can click through to upload a pic or edit your info, giving you the confidence you're looking your best.