February 2023

28 February

February 2023

Welcome to this month's summary of our latest product improvements. Please feel free to get in touch directly with any questions or comments.

Attendee referral marketing

Grow your audience through social marketing.

Our Attendee Referrals feature helps marketers amplify reach through word-of-mouth marketing. Once an audience member registers for your event, they are invited to share their participation with their connections on social networks. Subsequent registrations that click from those links are tracked in the engagement report to allow you to analyse the results. 
NB. Enable this feature within the event settings > Automation. 

Clone email campaigns to new events

Save time creating event emails.

Hot on the heels of last month's clone event feature, it has now been extended to allow email campaigns to be copied. The event cloning configuration provides a section where you can select which email campaigns to create in the new event. This saves time with getting emails setup, ensures consistency in your communications and gets your event into the market faster. 

Improved tax settings on Tickets

Reduce manual errors when setting tax rates.

Until now, tax rates have had to be manually set on each paid ticket, leaving them prone to mistakes and causing potential headaches for accounting teams. Tickets can now be created to inherit tax settings from Stripe without any further configuration required for admin users. It is also now possible to specify tickets as being tax exempt. 

Publish sponsor logos to Live page sidebar

Save time adding sponsor logos. 

Our updated Live page template allows sponsor logos to be added with just a few clicks and no shortcode. Any company profile added on the Event > Overview page will automatically be published to the Live page sidebar when the Show Sponsors option is toggled on. The label can also be customised. 

Updated check-in app in Apple AppStore

Improvements for event check-in

A number of updates have been made in the latest version of Wavecast Event Manager. At hybrid events, the default search only shows in-person attendees, with the option to edit the filter to include remote attendees in the results. For events using Tickets, the name of the ticket or pass shows on the attendee record in the check-in app. Also, when a printer is connected to the app, there is an option to print the badge and check-in the attendee at the same time.