May 2023

31 May

May 2023

Your latest rundown of Wavecast updates has landed. Peruse at your leisure and get in touch with any thoughts, questions or feedback.

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Event + Channel Auto-Subscription 

Build engaged audiences around key topics faster. 

Channels are destinations on a hub that display content and events about particular topics. They aid discovery of multimedia content around a subject matter and, with channel subscriptions, allow you to build a following that gives a deeper insight to audience interests.

We've now made it easier to grow your channel subscribers, as part of our mission to support personalised content experiences for every audience member.

Following this release, you have the option to automatically subscribe event registrants to the channel the event is connected to. Auto-subscription means you can grow channel subscribers faster, thus growing the size of your following to which related content and events can be promoted to.

Sub-events and sub-sessions can now be cloned. 

Speedier event creation for complex programmes. 

Does this year's event look just like last year's? Cloning is here to help get your event created without lots of manual setup.

Our cloning feature allows you to fast-track event creation by copying the settings of an existing event into a new one.

And now the functionality has been extended to include sub-events and sub-sessions, further reducing the time to setup more complex programmes.

Go to Events > select an event in the listing > Actions > Clone to get started. 

Add shortcodes into event headers.

Customise content in event headers.

Shortcodes, a way to display customisable content on a page, can now be included in the header section of an event.

When adding shortcodes to the event summary, be sure to add the summary listing variant. And note that shortcodes will not appear in listings, only within the event header. 

Improved sign-in CTA on live pages.

message prompts access modal.  

When no video placeholder is set on a live page, the default text Please sign-in to access appears. By clicking this text, the sign-in modal is now prompted when previously it was just text.