Release Notes

16 January

Release Notes

Monthly breakdown of what's new.

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Clone events, add to calendar improvements, export pending registrations and a new home for event emails.

#1. Rapid Event Setup

Create an event based on how a previous one was configured. 
Select an event in the event listing and click the "Clone" option in the actions menu. You will be prompted to specify details about the new event (date, time, name and URL) and select what elements of the event to clone, such as pages, navigation, categorisation, sub-events, featured speakers and sponsors.

Users can also select what other elements of the event to clone, such as pages and navigation, categorisation, sub-events, featured speakers and sponsors.

By default, all the access settings are cloned (except for tickets). 

#2. Calendar Entries that Convert

Comprehensive information for the event, perfectly formatted. 

Calendar entries just got a whole lot more useful. Attendees can now see much more information when they add an event to their calendar application including the event summary, speakers and links to the virtual or physical event location. Links are customised to the user and trackable within the Wavecast Engagement Suite. 

The location also reflects the attendance mode. When the event has a physical venue, this is displayed in the location. When it is virtual, it points to the website. 

#3. Quicker Gatekeeper Approvas

Export pending registrations for faster review processes.
For events that have gatekeeper enabled, clients have frequently told us they need pending registrations to be reviewed with internal stakeholders that do not have admin access. This is now a lot easier, as the list can be exported from the pending registrations page.


#4. Event Emails in Context

Communicate quickly with your event audience. 

Email campaigns that relate to an event are now accessible within the event configuration, bringing an end to the tireless scrolling through pages of campaigns at the hub level.

#5. Improved UI

Wavecast Unification has begun!

The main admin navigation has been standardised and gives a much smoother experience when moving between different sections of the site. Much expanded functionality also required some housekeeping of the Settings, which are now grouped around the core areas.

We've also moved Papillon to to bring this in line with other live content tools. More on that soon!