New podcast video teasers

14 August

New podcast video teasers

Our latest production templates give you more bang for your podcast buck.

Video is a growing channel through which podcasts are consumed, yet busy content teams often ignore the opportunity because they lack the time, budget and hardware to do both.  

We're pleased to announce a new video podcast teaser that meets these challenges head on. As part of our podcast production services, the video teaser allows for speakers to shoot video on a webcam and end up with a professionally branded social video asset.  

No expensive camera equipment is needed. Just switch on a webcam and record audio and video. Our podcast production team is setup to turnaround both audio and video assets, opening up new channels for podcasts to be discovered.  

With animation to make sure it catches the eye, the template can be formatted for vertical or landscape formats ready to publish to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram or TikTok.